Full credits for Winnie the Pooh

Directed byEdit

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Executive ProducerEdit

Senior Story ArtistEdit

Story byEdit

Based on the "Winnie the Pooh" works byEdit

Original Songs byEdit

Original Score byEdit

Associate ProducerEdit


Art DirectorEdit

Production ManagerEdit

Artistic SupervisorsEdit



Scene Planning

Clean-Up Animation

Effects Animation

Color Styling & Compostiting

Technical & Artistic Support

Supervising AnimatorsEdit

Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin





Piglet, Kanga and Roo

Visual Effects SupervisorEdit

Technical SupervisorEdit

Post Production ExecutiveEdit

Supervising Sound Editor & Sound DesignerEdit

Executive Music ProducerEdit

Music SupervisorEdit

Featuring Vocal Performances byEdit

“So Long”

Casting byEdit



Production Department ManagersEdit

Additional Story MaterielEdit

Production AssistantEdit


Production Department ManagerEdit

Assistant EditorEdit

Dialogue ReaderEdit

Production AssistantsEdit

Visual DevelopmentEdit

Production Department ManagerEdit

Visual Development ArtistsEdit

Lorelay Bove Andreas Deja Mike Gabriel
Shiyoon Kim Bill Perkins Joe Pitt
Doug Walker


Production AssistantEdit


Production Department ManagerEdit

Animatic SupervisorsEdit

Layout ArtistsEdit

James P. Alles Nam Suk Cho
Alfred "Tops" Cruz Peter J. DeLuca
Jason Hand Lam Hoang
Daniel Hu Benoit Le Pennec
Jean-Christophe Poulain Robert J. St. Pierre
Allen C. Tam George P. Villaflor
Doug Walker Jennifer Yuan

Production AssistantsEdit


Production Department ManagerEdit

Background ArtistsEdit

Doug Ball Lisa Keene
Jang Lee Dan Read
Leonard Robledo Lucy Tanashian-Gentry

Production AssistantEdit

Scene PlanningEdit

Production Department ManagerEdit

Scene PlannersEdit

Thomas Baker George "Bingo" Ferguson
Dan C. Larsen Richard Turner

Production AssistantsEdit


Production Department ManagerEdit

Animation Supervisor, Backson SongEdit


Ruben A. Aquino Anthony DeRosa
Russ Edmonds Brian Ferguson
Bert Klein Hyun-Min Lee
James Lopez Frans Vischer

Additional AnimatorsEdit

Alex Kupershmidt Nik Ranieri Michael Surrey

Animating AssistantsEdit

Sarah Airriess Erik Fountain
Mario Furmanczyk Minkyu Lee


Mael Gourmelen Rory Madge David Nam

Rough In-BetweenerEdit

Production AssistantEdit

  • Garrett Prince

Clean-Up AnimationEdit

Production Department ManagerEdit

Clean-Up Artist Lead KeysEdit


Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin


Piglet, Kanga and Roo



Clean-Up KeysEdit

Nicola-Jane Courtney Millet Henson
Emily Jiuliano Kellie D. Lewis
Brett Newton

Clean-Up AssistantsEdit

Clean-Up ApprenticeEdit

Production AssistantsEdit

Effects AnimationEdit

Production Department ManagerEdit

Effects AnimatorsEdit

Robert Bennett Allen Blyth Dan Lund
James DeV. Mansfield David "Joey" Mildenberger

Effects Animating AssistantsEdit

Felipe Cerdán Noé Garcia Van Shirvanian

Additional Effects AnimatorsEdit

Production AssistantsEdit

Color Styling and CompositingEdit

Production Department ManagerEdit

Color Stylists/CompositorsEdit

Final CheckEdit

Ink and PaintEdit

Production AssistantEdit

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2000px-Walt Disney Records logotoday

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For the purposes of copyright law in the United Kingdom, Disney Enterprises, Inc.
was the owner of copyright in this motion picture immediately after it was made.

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Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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