Directed by Edit

Betty Thomas

Written by Edit

Jonathan Aibel

Glenn Berger

Produced by Edit

Nicholas Stoller

Executive Producers Edit

Karen Rosenfelt

Arnon Milchan

Steve Watermann

Laeta Kaligrodis

Neil Machis

Director of Photography Edit

Mauro Fiore, ASC

Production Designer Edit

Marcia Hinds

Edited by Edit

John Refoua, ACE

Co-Producer Edit

Steven Boyd

Music by Edit

Hans Zimmer

Music Supervisor Edit

Dave Jordan

Casting by Edit

Juel Bestrop

Cast Edit

Anna Faris as Haleudo

Cloris Leachmann as Granny

William Shatner as Grunck-Brunk

Chris Pratt as Buror

James Woods as Hangry

Katherine Heigl as Kubicek

Anton Starkham as Hader

Jane Lynch as Gaillardia

Matthew Gray Gubler as Bartholome Bale

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