Full credits for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Directed byEdit

Produced byEdit

Executive ProducerEdit

Story byEdit

Screenplay byEdit

Original Score Composed byEdit

Associate ProducerEdit

Production DesignerEdit

Art DirectorsEdit

Associate Production DesignerEdit

Head of StoryEdit

Heads of AnimationEdit

Directors of CinematographyEdit

Head of EffectsEdit

Modeling SupervisorsEdit

Look Development SupervisorsEdit

Rigging SupervisorEdit

Technical Animation SupervisorsEdit

Animation SupervisorsEdit

Layout SupervisorEdit

Layout Finaling SupervisorEdit

Lighting SupervisorsEdit

Casting byEdit


Casting AssociateEdit


Story ArtistsEdit

Tom Ellery
Ryan Green
Jason Hand
Michael Herrera
Nancy Kruse
Normand Lemay
Natalie Nourigat
Carlos A. Romero
Jeremy Spears
Lissa Treiman

Additional StoryEdit

Chris Williams


Production SupervisorEdit

Associate EditorEdit

Assitant EditorEdit

Production CoordinatorEdit

Production AssistantEdit

Visual DevelopmentEdit

Production SupervisorEdit

Visual Development ArtistsEdit

Neysa Bové
Mehrdad Isvandi
Jim Martin
Meg Park
Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay

Additional Visual DevelopmentEdit

Borja Montoro Cavero


Production CoordinatorEdit

Asset ProductionEdit

Production Supervisor, CharactersEdit


Modeling Environment LeadEdit


Luis Labrador
Alena Wooten-Tottle

Character RiggingEdit

Rigging LeadEdit

Rigging ArtistsEdit

Iker J. de los Mozos
Joy Johnson
Michael Anthony Navarro
Gregory Smith
Michael W. Stieber

Character SimulationEdit

Simulation ArtistsEdit

Avneet Kaur
Richard Van Cleave Jr.

Production CoordinatorsEdit

Character Modeling



Production AssistantsEdit


Environment Look Development

Character Modeling

Look DevelopmentEdit

Look Development ArtistsEdit

Tyler Bolyard
Ian Butterfield
Rich Fallat
Jay Jackson
Chelsea Lavertu

Set Extension ArtistsEdit

Eric Bouffard

Technical DirectorsEdit

Jonathan F. Garcia
Brandon Lee Jarratt
Norman Moses Joseph
Kendall Litaker
Nadim Sinno

Assistant Technical DirectorsEdit

Teal Owyang


Layout ArtistsEdit

Matt Lee
Kendra Vander Vliet

Layout ApprenticesEdit

Andi Isao Nakasone


Production SupervisorEdit


Tony Bonilla
Youngjae Choi
Trent Correy
Daniel Edwards
Isaak Fernandez
Andrew Ford
Michael Franceschi
Minor Jose Gaytan
Adam Green
Jacqueline Koehler
Andrew Lawson
Allen Ostergar IV
Ivan Oviedo
Zach A. Parrish
Malcon B. Pierce III
Jorge E. Ruiz Cano
Brian Scott
Chad Sellers
Benson Shum
Amy Lawson Smeed
Philip To
Vitor Vilela
Jeff Williams
Justin Weber

Production CoordinatorsEdit

Production AssistantEdit

  • Courtney Madincea

Crowds AnimationEdit

Crowd ArtistsEdit

Production CoordinatorEdit

Technical AnimationEdit

Production SupervisorEdit

Technical Animation ArtistsEdit

Ricardo Nadu
Jason Robinson
Gregory Smith
Michael W. Stieber
Richard Van Cleave Jr.

Technical Animation ApprenticesEdit

Dylan Hoffman
Foam Natnicha Laohachaiaroon

Production CoordinatorEdit


Effects AnimatorsEdit

Sam Klock
Hiroaki Narita
Nathaniel Sims
Marie Tollec

Production CoordinatorEdit

Production AssistantEdit


Character Lighting LeadEdit

  • TBA

Environment Lighting LeadEdit

Lighting ArtistsEdit

Corey Butler
Jeff Gipson
Stephen Null

Production CoordinatorEdit


Stereo ArtistsEdit

Troy Griffin
Elissa Cordero Hansen


Production Coordinator, MarketingEdit

Production Office ManagerEdit

Post ProductionEdit

Digital Imaging SupervisorEdit

©2018 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
For the purposes of United Kingdom copyright,
Disney Enterprises, Inc.
was the owner of copyright in this immediately after it was made.

Distributed by
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Created and Produced at
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Burbank, CA

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