Full credits for Pirates of the Caribbean

Directed by Edit

Co-Directed by Edit

Produced by Edit

  • Peter Del Vecho, p.g.a.

Co-Produced by Edit

Executive Producer Edit

Screenplay by Edit

Story by Edit

Based on Edit

  • Walt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean

Original Score Composed by Edit

Edited by Edit

  • Jeff Draheim, A.C.E.

Associate Producer Edit

  • Craig Sost

Visual Effects Supervisor Edit

Art Director Edit

  • Paul Feilx

Production Manager Edit

  • Yvett Merino

Heads of Story Edit

Heads of Animation Edit

  • Hyrum Virl Osmond
  • Amy Lawson Smeed

Artistic Supervisors Edit

  • Layout - Rasoul Azadani
  • Backgrounds - Sunny Apinchapong
  • Clean-Up Animation - Vera Pacheco
  • Effects Animation - Marlon West
  • Scene Planning - Mark Henley
  • Color Systing & Composing - Maria Dolores Gonzalez
  • Technical & Artistic Support - Gina Bradley

Supervising Animators Edit

  • Jack Sparrow - Andreas Deja
  • Anglica - Mark Henn
  • Davy Jones - Russ Edmonds
  • Will Turner / Tia Dalma - Alexander Kupershmidt
  • Elizabeth Swann - Frans Vischer

Technical Supervisor Edit

  • Kimberly W. Keech

Sound Designer & Supervising Sound Editor Edit

  • Todd Toon

Post Production Executive Edit

  • Bérénice Robinson

Executive Music Producers Edit

  • Chris Montan
  • Tom MacDougall

Senior Production Supervisor Edit

  • Karen Ryan

Production Finance Lead Edit

  • Shivani Softa

Casting by Edit

Cast Edit

  • Jack Sparrow - Jared Bulter
  • Anglica - Penelope Cruz
  • Will Turner / Undead Pirates - Alan Tudyk
  • Davy Jones - Bill Nighy
  • Tia Dalma - Naomie Harris
  • Elizabeth Swann - Keria Knightley
  • Black Barty - Orlando Bloom
  • Captain Barbossa - Geoffrey Rush


Production SupervisorEdit

  • Scott Tadashi Sakamoto

Story ArtistsEdit

David G. Derrick Jr. Ryan Green Jason Hand
Kendelle Hoyer Sunmee Joh Barry Johnson
Brian Kesinger Mark Koetsier Normand Lemay
Jeff Ranjo Jeff Snow Carlos A. Romero
Toby Shelton Fawn Veerasunthorn

Additional StoryEdit

John Puglisi Don Dougherty Chris Hubbard
Dean Wellins Stevie Wermers-Skelton Nora Johnson
Ray Nadeau Stephen Anderson Paul Briggs
Jeremy Spears Sylvia Hyo-ji Lee

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