For Credits For Legend of the Gaurdians
                                           ==Developed by===
                                           Krome Studios
                           Chief Executive Officer Robert Walsh
                                 Creative Director Steve Stamatiadis
                                    Studio Manager Marcus Fielding
                                          Producer Robin Smith
                                Assistant Producer Daniel Dahl
                                          ==Game Design==
                                     Lead Designer Cameron 'Gazunta' Davis
                                   Senior Desinger Dan Kingdom
                                          Desinger Lawrenence Ritchie
                                   Junior Designer Steven Adamson
                               Lead Level Designer David Yorke
                                   Level Designers Brendon Vince
                                                   Gaute Rasmussen
                                                   Stefan Doetschel
                                   Lead Programers Cliff Cawley
                                                   Steve 'Sly' Willliams
                                        Programers Andrew McGregor
                                                   Brendan Watts
                                                   Jason Hirst

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