Full credits for Finding Nemo

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Based on "Uncle Remus" by Edit

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Animation Directors Edit

Head of Story Edit

Head of Layout Edit

Head of Animation Edit

Head of Backgrounds Edit

Head of Clean-Up Animation Edit

Head of Effects Animation Edit

Head of Scene Planning & Compositing Edit

Head of Paint, Check & Scanning Edit

Technical Supervisor Edit

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Executive Music Supervisor Edit

Music Supervisor Edit

Sound Designer & Supervising Sound Editor Edit

Post Production Executive Edit

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Production Supervisor Edit

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Story Edit

Story Artists Edit

Additional Story Artists Edit

Creative Development Edit

Editorial Edit

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Assistant Editors Edit

Additional Edited Edit

Track Reader Edit

Visual Development & Design Edit

Lead Character Designer Edit

Character Designers Edit

Character Visual Development by Edit

Location Designers Edit

Background Designers Edit

Prop Designers Edit

Additional Visaul Development Edit

Animation Production Edit

Layout Artists Edit

Animators Edit

Background Artists Edit

Clean-Up Artists Edit

Effects Animators Edit

Effects Animation Assistants Edit

Compositors Edit

Painters Edit

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Technical Assistants Edit

Continuity Checker Edit

Animation Production by Edit

Toon City Animation, Inc.

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Unit Producer Edit

Unit Digital Supervisor Edit

Unit Technical Supervisor Edit

Unit Coordinator Edit

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Layout Supervisor Edit

Assistant Layout Supervisor Edit

Layout Artists Edit

Character Animation Edit

Animation Supervisors Edit

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Animation Director Edit

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Animatiors Edit

Disney Television Animation Edit

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Producer of Digital Production Edit

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Senior Systems Administrator Edit

Pipeline Technical Directors Edit

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Production Edit

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Pre-Production Edit

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Casting Edit

Post Production Edit

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Post Production Coordinator Edit

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Post Production Consultant Edit

Post Production Managers Edit

Assistant Post Production Manager Edit

Post Production Assistant Edit

Original Dialogue & ADR Mixer Edit

ADR Dialogue Mixer Edit

ADR Recordist Edit

ADR Recorded at Edit

Post Production Sound Services Provided by Edit

Sound Mixed at Edit

Re-Recording Mixers Edit

Mix Technicians Edit

Re-Recording Mix Technicians Edit

Sound Effects Editors Edit

Sound Editors Edit

ADR / Dialogue Supervisor Edit

First Assistant Sound Editor Edit

Sound Effects Recording Edit

Foley Artists Edit

Foley Mixer Edit

Foley Recorded at Edit

Additional Voices Edit

Digital Imaging Supervisor Edit

Digital Imaging Specialist Edit

Colorist Edit

Digital Intermediate Colorist Edit

Digital Inermediate Coordinator Edit

End Tittles Crawl Edit

Music Edit

Music Coordinator Edit

Music Business Affairs Edit

Score Conducted by Edit

Orchestration by Edit

Score Recorded & Mixed by Edit

Digital Score Recordist Edit

Music Editors Edit

Music Editors, Temp Score Edit

Score Recorded at Edit

Supervising Copylists Edit

Orchestra Contractors Edit

Vocal Contractor Edit

Choir Edit


"How Do You Do?"

"Ev'rybody Has A Laughing Place"

"Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Hey Violet Version)"

Hey Violet appears courtesy of 5Mode Limited Under Exclusive License To Capitol Records

"Ev'rybody Has A Laughing (Forever In Your Mind Version)" Traditional

The Staff of Disney Television Animation Edit

Studio Leadership Team Edit

Senior Creative Team Edit

Production Edit

Development Edit

Marketing Edit

Promotional Production Support


Human Resources

Environment & Events

Business & Legal Affairs

Executive Assistants

The Patio


Special Thanks to Walt Disney Animation Studios

Studio Leadership

Executive Ad

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