Opening Credits Edit

Disney Presents

Closing Credits Edit

The End Directed by Edit

<center> Rich Moore

Produced byEdit

Clark Spencer

Executive ProducerEdit

John Lasseter

Additional Songs byEdit

Roy Conli

Screenplay byEdit

Sally Micuni John Ripa Raymond S. Persi

Music byEdit

Andrew Chesworth

Associate ProducerEdit

Wakly Iun

Visual Effects SupervisorEdit

Ron Clements

Art DirectorEdit

Nigel Hardwidge

Co-Art DirectorEdit

Cory Loftis

Production DesignerEdit

Henry Jackman

Production ManagerEdit

Troy Griffin

Heads of StoryEdit

Daniel Gerson Alexander Clements Bill Fitzpatrick

Head of AnimationEdit

Quincy Henry

Director of Photography-LayoutEdit

Zee Terence

Director of Photography-LightingEdit

Fisto Yeo

Sets Shading SupervisorEdit

Alex Robin

Look Development SupervisorEdit

Awert Gerson

Stereo Composting SupervisorEdit

Mickie Terence

Technical Animation SupervisorEdit

Henry Mancini

Rigging SupervisorEdit

Jeffrey Engel

Animation SupervisorsEdit

Bill Fitzpatrick Eva Saxo

Crowd SupervisorEdit

Henry Mancini

Lighting SupervisorsEdit

Ake Robin Jeffrey Engel John f Kenndy Raymond S. Persi

Associate Production ManagerEdit

Watly Eve

Executive Music ProducerEdit

Chris Montan

Music SupervisorEdit

John Wong

Post Production ExecutiveEdit

Berience Robinson

Senior Production ExecutiveEdit

Chris Ure

Scrolling CreditsEdit


Casting ByEdit

Jamie Sparer Roberts. CSA Chris Buck



Daniel - Dwayne Johnson

Katie - Reese Witherspoon

Wax - Billy Crystal

Bert - Bob Peterson

Oax - Jack McBrayer

Alko - Jason Bateman

Little Girl - Octavia Spencer

Terence - Danny McBride

Abby - JH Girly

Neil - C.D. Bnm

Bob - Bill Hader

Roy - Salma Heyek

Pete - Harley Bird

Dougy - Tim Allen

George - Ibris Elba

Frank - Asher Blinkoff

Seth - Andrew Chesworth

Ken - Alberto Abril

Brook - Sex Sawert

Chloe - Jennifer Lee

Location ManagerEdit

Eva Roberts

Post Production Location ManagerEdit

David Goetz

Senior Production ManagerEdit

Mike Mitchell

United States Town Created byEdit

George Walls


Story ManagerEdit

Bert Williams

Story ArtistsEdit

Derek Eva Eva Roberts

David Pimentel Raymond S. Persi

Eva Roberts John f Kenndy

Wax Crystal Derek Roe

Additional Story Conpects ByEdit

Ron Clements

Production CoordinatorEdit

Edward Morton

Production AssistantEdit

Fost Aklo



John Ripa

Editorial MuskletsEdit

Sally Union Dave Eyu DIT

Editorial ManagersEdit

Bill Clinton Derek Terence

Production CoordinatorEdit

David Goetz

Crowds Edit

Crowds ArtistsEdit

Lin Keh Shin Yi


Production Coordinator Danny Roberts

Additional Production SupportEdit

Dave Roberts Eva Chasin Derek Terence John Roesch

Story Trust

Lin Island
Dawn 6th
7 Days
Froot Loops



Written by
Owl City
Courtesy of Rca Records


Courtesy of

"Your'e Nice"Edit

Written by
Geogory Bet

"Joy Thin"Edit

Written by
Wax Wiig and Max Roberts Featuring Music by
Wax Wiig and Max Roberts Courtesy of Tribe of Noise Records, Inc.

The Staff of
Walt Disney Animation Studios


Shin Yi Alkp Morton Darryl Vondrelle
Patrick Brasca Bill Mike Pityou
Eva Bruce

The filmakes would like to thank with
the studios of 103 Dalmatians

Special Thanks

Chase Runs
Temple Run
Derek Union
The Ideas
Best Gators
Lin Run
National Vet Trading Dogs
Zoo Geography
Lin Island
Dawn 6th
7 Days
Frankie from Snowball
Peppa Pig National Center
Froot Loops

Thanks to the Walt Disney Animation Studios that
United States they work 103 Dalmatians
that was all possible.

Additional ThanksEdit

Fred Roberts Derek Terence Chasin Owen
John WongEva Roberts

Production BabiesEdit

Alex Eva Dave Terence Larry Everest Tiger
Everywhere Lin Cob Woodt Christe Nice B Regular
Sparkles Wat Renaud Harry Sandwich Meck
Soundtrack Available on

Moana Logo credits

@2017 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

For the purposes of copyright law in the United Kingdom,Disney Enterprises, Inc.
was the owner of copyright imedialy after it was made.

Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Created and Produced at
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Burbank, California

Walt Disney Animation Studios Logo


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